Your Story + Our Musicians = The Most Unique Personalized Gift

About Us

Bring My Song To Life is part of the Tunedly music production family. Tunedly is an innovative music production and music publishing solution for songwriters. Since founding in 2015, we have created more than 4,000 songs and worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry.  We created Bring My Song To Life after we were asked to create personalized music with lyrics for  people who are not songwriters more and more frequently. Many visitors were looking for special gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and other special occasions. 

Who We Are


Chris Erhardt

Chris Erhardt is the CEO and co-founder of Tunedly and Bring My Song To Life. With a background in music and business, he led the company through two business accelerators in New York and St. Louis and scaled the team from two to now over 30 employees and contractors. 


Mylene besancon

Mylene Besancon is the CMO and co-founder of Tunedly and Bring My Song To Life. Her background is in marketing, public relations and communications. Mylene holds an MBA in Marketing as well as a Bachelor's degree in Business and Language studies. 


Dusty Hughes

Dusty Hughes is the General Manager of Tunedly and Bring My Song To Life. Dusty has over 20 years experience as a performer and studio musician. Hailing from Colorado, Dusty has performed for crowds exceeding 30,000 people and has written over 500 songs. 

Marc Rubin


Marc Rubin is the CTO and technical lead at Tunedly and Bring My Song To Life. With over 20 years experience as an IT professional, he ensures the technology is stable. 

Harvey Mason Jr.


Harvey Mason Jr. is part of Tunedly's advisory board. He is a music producer and songwriter based out of Los Angeles, CA and has written songs for Justin Timberlake and others. 

Mathew Knowles


Mathew Knowles is part of Tunedly's advisory board. He is the father of Beyonce and manager of Destiny's Child. Mathew is the founder of Music World Entertainment. 

Meet Our Musicians

Chris B.


Chris is a multi instrumentalist and singer from New York. He studied music theory at Eastman and worked with Gary Portnoy. 

Michelle F.


Michelle is a pianist and vocalist from New Jersey. She studied Jazz Piano at Juilliard and worked with John Legend and Gloria Gaynor. 

Bobby S.


Bobby is a singer and producer from Barbados. He worked with Robin Thicke and reached the Top 10 in the Billboard charts.

Mike N.


Mike is a guitarist and audio engineer from Australia. He has owned and operated his own recording studio for over 10 years.

Josiah R.


Josiah is a multi instrumentalist and singer from Florida. He has released multiple successful solo albums in the Gospel genre. 

Camille H.


Camille is a guitarist and singer from Los Angeles. She graduated with honors from Berkley College of Music. 

Our Partners & Investors