Your Story + Our Musicians = The Most Unique Personalized Gift

Our Packages To Create A Customized Song

What Is Included

Personalized Music & Lyrics


Our team will write your lyrics and compose your music from scratch every time. Based on your story, our musicians will come up with the lyrics and music that are sure to impress you and your loved one! We can create a birthday song, wedding song or customized song for any special occasion. 

Your personal Story Page


This is where you will find your music files, your lyrics and easy share features after we deliver your customized song. You will also be able to upload photos, write a personal message and stream the song directly from the page. This page will be hosted on our servers for as long as you wish. Check out an example HERE

How This Works

Step 1

Simply fill out the form below and provide us with as much detail about your special occasion as you can. This will give our musicians and songwriters the opportunity to create a truly custom-made song for any occasion. 

Step 2

Once we receive your submission, we'll go to work. If anything is unclear, we will get in touch with you. Otherwise, we will directly work on the first draft of your customized lyrics, incorporating as many details of your unique story as possible. 

Step 3

Here is where you will get involved again. After we create a first draft of your lyrics, we will get in touch with you to get your feedback. We want to make sure you're 100% happy with your customized song. 

Step 4

Now that the lyrics are approved, our musicians will work on the melody, instrumentation and production for your customized song. You can choose the genre of the music or simply leave it to us. You can also choose your vocal type and mention reference songs if you wish. 

Step 5

Here you will get to hear a first sneak peak of your song. We will share a first draft of your song with you. You can give us feedback or request changes to the production if needed. This is your final chance to make sure the song turns out as you like. 

Step 6

Now that everything is approved, we will mix the final version and upload the master recording on your Personal Story Page where you can download the file, stream the song and share with your lucky recipient. We can also send you a CD with custom artwork at this point.